Statement of Dr. Diana Zuckerman, President, Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund: Supreme Court Ruling on the Affordable Care Act

Diana Zuckerman, PhD, Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund June 28, 2012

Whether you call it Obamacare or RomneyCare, or as I prefer, USACare, the health care law that survived the Supreme Court will save lives and improve the quality of life for millions of Americans.  It already has improved the lives of many adults and children, by adding children up to age 26 to their parent’s health insurance policies and preventing insurance companies from refusing coverage for kids with “pre-existing” conditions.

The law will continue to be a political football, but let’s forget the politics and call it what it is: a gift to millions of Americans who need and deserve essential health benefits but couldn’t afford them until now.

Some politicians say the bill is a job killer.  That’s ridiculous.  This law is increasing the availability and affordability of health care, and that means more jobs for doctors and nurses and technicians and food service workers and janitors in hospitals and clinics, and more jobs in companies that make medical products such as prescription drugs and medical devices.