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Recent News 

FDA official bolting to Big Tobacco shines a light on the agency’s revolving-door problem

Grid News, August 3, 2022: An FDA official leaving FDA’s Tobacco Science Office to work for Big Tobacco shines a light on the agency’s revolving-door problem. We explain why this undermines FDA’s authority. Read more »

Toxic chemicals lurk at playgrounds

E&E News, July 8, 2022: The sight of rubber surfaces on playgrounds concerns Dr. Diana Zuckerman, “because as president for the National Center for Health Research she has testified in front of multiple municipal and even state governments about the toxic chemicals that can lurk on those playground surfaces.” Read more »

Will the FDA change how it vets drugs following the Alzheimer’s debacle?

nature, May 13, 2022: Nearly a year after the FDA approved a controversial drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease, Congress is attempting to amend the accelerated process that led to its approval and also the approval of many cancer drugs that have not been proven to work. Read more »