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Recent News

Trump Targets Drug Prices, Right-to-Try in State of the Union
The American Journal of Managed Care Newsroom: January 31, 2018.
At the State of the Union, Trump vowed to bring down the high cost of prescription drugs and called on Congress to pass the Right to Try bill, which could harm patients. Read more »
Can The FDA Help Reduce Drug Prices or The Cost of Medical Care?
American Journal of Public Health, November, 2017.
In a guest editorial by CPTF president Dr. Diana Zuckerman, she questions whether the FDA’s plan to get generic drugs on the market more quickly is enough to make prescription drugs – and health insurance—affordable. Read more »
Nearly A Dozen Artificial Turf Fields In DC Failed Last Round Of Safety Tests
Fox 5 News, September 18, 2017.
11 artificial turf fields in DC failed their recent tests, leading to closures, replacements, and igniting another debate over the safety of synthetic turf. CPTF president points out these fields and playgrounds can cause cancer. Read more »