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Coronavirus Relief Act Gives Drug Makers New Sway Over FDA

Pogo, May 5, 2020. Under the $2 trillion coronavirus relief law, makers of over-the-counter drugs will pay the FDA to oversee their products and will gain new sway over the consumer protection agency. Read more »

Tests for COVID-19: Has the FDA said yes too many times?

The Hill Opinion Contributors, May 6, 2020. Most tests being sold in the U.S. aren’t proven to be accurate by unbiased scientists. Here’s what you need to know. Read more »

Allergan is Trying to Track Down Women with Breast Implants it Recalled Nearly a Year Ago

Fortune, June 3, 2020. FDA has asked small nonprofit organizations to help inform tens of thousands of women that they have a type of breast implant that has been recalled due to increased cancer risks. Read more »

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What People With Cancer Need to Know about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are a cancer patient or have a compromised immune system and are concerned about your risks from the coronavirus, here’s what you need to know.