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The latest research can help you prevent specific types of cancers such as:

    And here’s how Diet and Habits, Medical Treatments, or your Environment can change your overall risk of cancer.
Treatment & Care
We also give you Strategies to reduce your chance of Cancer Recurrence and keep you safe from COVID-19.
Find out how we save lives with research, help and hope.

Recent News 

Who gets to decide who receives experimental medical treatments?

MIT Technology Review, August 10, 2023: This article attempts to answer “Who decides who receives experimental medical treatments” and whether FDA standards for accelerated approval too low for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, cancer, and other diseases?  We call accelerated approval a disaster. Read more »

For Canadian Patients, Therapeutic Psychedelics Beset by Red Tape 

Undark, March 8, 2023: Undark article reviews the red tape in Canada vs. U.S. for access to psychedelics for cancer patients and other depressed patients. In this news article, we explain FDA expanded access program, which tends to make access easier if companies agree to help patients. Read more »

Lawmakers, advocates press for diversity in clinical trials

National Journal, February 15, 2023: NCHR joins lawmakers and other advocates in urging FDA and NIH to improve diversity in race/ethnicity, age, and sex in clinical trials as a way to improve medical care for everyone. So far, enforcement is lacking. Read more »