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Why Are Celebrities Removing Their Breast Implants? Most of these women aren’t just talking about body image; they are getting their implants removed because of their health. Breast implants can make some women so sick that removal is their best hope for feeling like themselves again. Several celebrities are trying to spread this information to the general public.
ALCL and Breast Implants: 2017 Update In March 2017, FDA updated its website to officially report that breast implants could cause a type of cancer of the immune system that can be fatal. Read about the research here.
Good news for coffee drinkers: the health benefits outweigh the risks for most people Recent research suggests that coffee offers more health benefits than risks for most people. However, women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and women over 65 should probably limit their coffee intake because for them, the risks may outweigh the benefits.
Gene Therapy May Provide Hope for Patients with Advanced Leukemia A study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in October 2014 tested a new treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on terminally ill patients, 78% of whom survived at least 6 months.
A Special Focus on Carcinoid Tumors Although textbooks call them rare, the incidence of carcinoid tumors is on the rise. In 1973, carcinoid tumors were diagnosed in only 8.5 people per million, while in 1994 this number increased more than 4 times to 38.4 per million.
Testimony of Dr. Jennifer Yttri at FDA Advisory Committee on Tivozanib May 2013. Patients with kidney cancer have many options for drug therapy but often experience bad side effects. As the FDA considers another drug option, we don’t think the science is good enough to suggest patients will have a longer and better quality life on this new drug. Instead, we recommend waiting for more clinical data to give doctors and patients a clear idea of when tivozanib would be beneficial rather than cause more harm.
Is Newer and More Expensive Care Better? Is more medical care really better? What about all these new, expensive drugs and high-tech surgeries? Do they save lives or improve health?