Walking with a hope of a cure for cancer

May 2015

On Saturday, April 25th, Sherina Garner walked her own 5K fundraiser in memory of her mother, Valerie Veney, who died from lung cancer. Fourteen people donated $453 to her cause, which Sherina then matched, raising a total of $906 for the National Center for Health Research and its main program, Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund. We would like to thank Sherina Garner for her hard work and dedication, and most importantly, for taking action to help children and adults reduce their risks of cancer.

Sherina writes about her mother, Valerie Renee Veney: “She was a loving, kind woman with a beautiful smile. She passed away from lung cancer at the young age of 59, leaving behind her two children (Sherina and Tycho, Jr.) and husband of 43 years who loved her so much that a year later, he passed away, too.”

“She was a phenomenal woman who worked hard every day and cared for her family, even when cancer was growing in her body. From her 23 years of work as a Youth Correction Officer in the Youth Service Administration of the District of Columbia Government, it was clear that she was dedicated to helping people, especially children. She raised her grandson and assisted numerous young people, both in her community and at work.”

“When she found out she was sick with lung cancer, it was already stage 4. It was a surprise to her family that she had end-stage lung cancer. She was strong even up until her death. She was able to communicate with her family what she wanted at the end of her battle, and the Lord took her home peacefully. Before passing, she said: Let people know those cigarettes are killing your lungs slowly. Lung cancer is an awful pain to have.”

She was a mother, wife, sister, cousin, friend that was gone too soon.”