A Beautiful Day for our First Annual Lap-a-Thon in Leesburg, VA on April 26!

Our first Stop Cancer Now Lap-a-Thon at Tuscarora H.S. on Sunday April 26th was a great success!

IMG_1708Lapthon action shot Lapthon closeup with Ben Lapathon 4 girls including Abbyphoto (12)



More than $5,000 was raised to support our Cancer Helpline by adults and children who participated on one of 4 teams or as individuals.


Track Team

Lap-a-Thon Baseball Team Pic

Baseball Team
Baseball Team

Winners included:

Most money raised by a team:

Baseball: $1592

Track: $1285

Team Bob: $1150

Most people registered by a team:

Track: 50

Baseball: 44

Team Bob: 24

Most laps by a team (approximate, due to technical difficulties!):

Track team: 404

Baseball team: 381

Top female lapper

Anna Wasko: 17 laps

Top male lapper

Greg Fenner: 20  laps

Best outfit representing the Colors of Cancer Awareness

Tammy Skov

Congratulations to our Cancer Color Awareness costume contest winner!


At the conclusion of the Lap-a-Thon, we read the names of all the friends and loved ones who we ran or walked in honor of or in memory of, and released the balloons skyward!IMG_1740IMG_1753

Special thanks to Michele Knuff (THS parent of Abby and Ben) for making this great Lap-a-Thon a reality!

Abby, Ben, and Michele Knuff


We are very grateful to Savannah’s of Leesburg, our wonderful Gold Level sponsor and to the Hershey’s Shake Shop, Potomac River Running StoreResQ BBQ Catering, Manhattan Pizza, Reston Shirt and Graphic Company, and  Mullen Orthodontics, our terrific Bronze Level sponsors!

——————————– April 26, 2015 Lap-A-Thon Teams ——————————–


Bob Knuff at the beach, 2012
Team Knuff at the Cancer Prevention and Treatment 5k in 2013 http://dev.stopcancerfund.org/events/
Team Knuff at the Cancer Prevention and Treatment 5k in 2013











Team Bob will participate in loving memory of Bob Knuff, amazing husband, dad, brother, uncle, friend, co-worker, coach and neighbor. . . Supporting Carcinoid Cancer Research and Awareness one day at a time. GET YOUR ZEBRA ON!!!

“Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why. It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time. It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life. 

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind. Hang it on a shelf of good health and good time. Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial. For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while. I hope you had the time of your life.”

Registered to participate on This Team:

Janet Czyrnik                       $25

Michele Knuff                       $25

James Stankard                  $100

Hannah Ambrose                $25

Lance Ambrose                  $25

Mariann Ambrose                $25

Olivia Ambrose                    $25

John Ambrose                    $25

Janice Weber                     $25

Carol Taylor                        $25

Landon Taylor                    $25

Darren Hemminger            $25

Marcy Hemminger             $25

Keely Hemminger              $25

Carrie Czyrnik                    $25

Jane Taylor                        $200

Noah Klemm                      $25

Maddie Evans                    $25

Brian Love                           $25

Jamie Savoie                      $25

Terri Azie                            $20

Erin Azie                             $25

Lauryn Azie                        $25

Mark Weber                        $25


David Massey                    $100

Megan Last                        $10

Christy Hoke                      $50

Anonymous                         $50

Janice Weber                      $75

Jack Corso                          $25

Thomas Payne                    $25

Leslie Payne                       $25


Tuscarora High School’s Coed Varsity Track and Field Team’s TEAM

The Tuscarora High School’s Coed Varsity Track and Field team proudly creates a Lap-a-Thon TEAM to Stop Cancer Now!

“A job worth doing is worth doing together”

Registered to participate on This Team:

Abby Knuff                  $25

Troy Harry                   $25

Sarah Howorth            $45

Deena Sbitany             $25

Kmaljeet Athwal           $25

Anna Wasko                $25

Judy Wasko                 $25

Jason Holder                $20

Jennifer Holder             $20

Fred Holder                   $20

Gillian King                   $25

Wendy King                 $25

Rachel Grizzle             $25

Allyson Shepherd        $50

Tracey Lam                  $25

Mason Ong                  $50

Helen Horne               $25

Molly Carroll                 $25

John Irvine                   $25

Mariam Kolbai              $25

Skylar Ambuhl             $25

Leyla Kolbai                 $25

Dawson Lazorchak      $25

M.E. Lazorchak            $25

Jamie Fuhrmann          $25

Pamela Michel             $25

Imelda Ogango           $25

Maya Ogango             $25

Darby Watts                $25

Nehemiah Robinson   $10

Kobe Robinson           $10

Libby Forcade             $25

Sophie Aros                 $25

Caitlyn Davis               $25

Brittany Hill                  $25

Roman Patrick             $25

Mackenzie Anzueto      $25

Val Bourke                   $50

Emma Weary              $25

Lisa Clippinger             $25

Ty Reeves                    $25

Ivan Boyarskiy              $10


Chiya Chambers          $10

Tuscarora High School’s Baseball Team’s TEAM


The Tuscarora High School Baseball team is proud to announce our Lap-a-Thon TEAM to Stop Cancer Now!

“One Lap Warriors”

Registered to participate on This Team:

Ben Knuff                 $25

Wes Glass               $25

Lowell Skoc             $25

Tammy                     $25

Joey Skov                $25

David Drummond      $25

Donny Morris            $25

Terri Desimone         $25

Garrett Zendek        $25

Chad Musa              $50

Mary Lou Blue          $25

Christina Corbin       $25

Danine Stickles         $25

Greg Glass               $25

Susan Glass             $25

Kathy Giuliano          $25

Nicholas Giuliano      $25

Laura Giuliano          $25

Ki Giuliano                $25

Devin Welsh              $50

Dominick Marinelli    $25

Mike Marinelli           $25

Christine Kim            $25

Yehudit Shemtov      $102

Brad Kost                 $25

Debbie Wagner        $25

Carson Wagner        $25

Parker Bednoski       $50

Mark Bauer              $25

Marla Giuliano          $50

Joseph Giuliano        $50

Terry Morris               $25

Larry Morris               $25

Noah Lacy                 $20

Jonathan Lacy           $20

Joann Townsend       $25

Ann Capitano             $25

Audrey Messina          $50

Joy Messina                $50

Ryan Ahern                $25

Steve Kim                   $25

Zach Daughtry            $50

Madeleine Gabriele     $50


Michael Hoehn         $200



IMG_0592 (1)
Ann Koch

Team Ann is in memory of Ann Koch, a very loving and fun Mother, Grandmother and friend. She passed away in October of 2014. She loved to garden, read on the beach, travel, and do just about anything outdoors, so our Lap-a-Thon Team will be thinking of her as we enjoy the outdoors on April 26th.

Registered to participate on This Team:

Judy Keiper            $25

Brandon Keiper      $25

Tom Koch             $100

Elizabeth Gilmore  $100

cancer hands long banner (2)

You don’t need to be on a team to participate! Thanks to our other Stop Cancer Now Lap-a-Thon participants and Donors as well!


Chris McCabe Thomas McNamara        $150

Miles Spence                                               $10


We are running...

In honor of:

In memory of:

David Mitchell Peter DeMann
Maria Aros Bob Knuff
Deborah Arciuolo MaryAnn Miller
Stasy Baltauskas Ted Miller
Theresa Peluso Clarence Knuff
Pat Kennedy Ann Koch
Suzanne Graft Mai Nguyen
Suzanne Ong Bill Grizzle
Kathy Giuliano David Albert
Kathy Hayes Gloria Bell
Nam Cho Jennie Lee Glass
Barbara Bunch Sally Briggs
John Begley Gavin Rupp
Debra Weary Jim Casper
Lillie Mae Reeves John Didier
Marcia Hemminger Andy Thomas
  Lynn McNamara
  Ram Sharma
  Iris June Wray
  Betty Harlow

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