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2018 Foremother and Health Policy Hero Awards Luncheon

National Center for Health Research, May 4, 2018

Friday May 4 is our Annual Awards luncheon at the Mayflower Hotel!

Every year, we take time off from our research and public education to thank women and men who have improved our lives.

The Foremother Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes women who expanded women’s horizons, improved our communities, and made remarkable contributions to our country.  We let them know what an honor it is to follow in their formidable footsteps.

We also recognize Health Policy Heroes. This award honors men and women (and in this case, boys and girls) who have changed the public debate and public policies in ways that help to improve the lives of adults and children nationwide.


Please join our wonderful Emcee Maureen Bunyan as we celebrate

the National Center for Health Research’s

2018 Foremothers Lifetime Achievement and Health Policy Heroes Awards Luncheon

Friday, May 4, 2018 at Noon
The Mayflower Hotel
1127 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036
We hope you will join us at the elegant Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. as we celebrate these inspiring honorees.

Help us celebrate the amazing women who are our 2018 Foremother Lifetime Achievement honorees for careers that made all our lives better and broke down barriers for other women:

Dr. Rita Colwell is an extraordinary scientist whose work has successfully fought cholera and created safer water supplies around the world, saving lives while breaking down many barriers for women in science. She was the first woman to serve as Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), presiding over a doubling of the NSF budget. She has won numerous other scientific awards over more than 40 years, including the National Medal of Science presented by then-President George W. Bush, and the Medal of Distinction from Columbia University. She previously served as the President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and is a member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Lynn Povich is an award-winning journalist who began her career as a secretary at Newsweek magazine. She was one of 46 women who filed sex discrimination charges against the magazine in 1970, an experience that 40+ years later inspired her book THE GOOD GIRLS REVOLT, and the Amazon TV series that was soon followed by #MeToo. The law suit was groundbreaking, and she subsequently became the first woman appointed Senior Editor at Newsweek. Ms. Povich later became Editor-in-Chief of Working Woman magazine and then joined as East Coast Managing Editor. She also edited a book of columns by her father, famous sports writer Shirley Povich.  She serves on the Advisory Boards of the International Women’s Media Foundation, the Women’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, and the CUNY Graduate Center Foundation Board.

Our Health Policy Heroes are the students, teachers, and parents of Parkland, Florida; Washington, D.C. metro area; and across the country who are successfully fighting for effective policies to prevent gun violence. MSD High School student Kai Koerber and Parkland teacher Susan Rioux will be two of the heroes accepting the award on their behalf. Kai has been actively lobbying for better gun policies since the tragic shooting on February 14. Ms. Rioux is credited with having taught Parkland students how to find safety in violent situations, thus saving their lives during the February 14 shooting. She is now one of those helping the children cope with PTSD and fear in the aftermath and supporting their efforts to reduce gun violence. March for Our Lives Lodging, a group of mothers who organized free housing, meals, and other necessities for thousands of students and families traveling to D.C., will also be honored.


We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to meet these inspiring women, previous honorees, and many of D.C.’s other movers and shakers. Lunch is from noon to 1:30, preceded by a 11:30 champagne reception for honorees, patron guests, and sponsors only.

Prices below are valid through April 28.

Seats are limited and tickets are not available at the door.

Regular lunch tickets are available for a donation of $110 each. Patron Tickets ($175 per ticket) include a champagne reception with honorees at 11:30, priority seating, and a listing in the program. A Patron table for 10 is $1,750. Sponsorships are also available, from $1,800-$6,000.

The National Center for Health Research is the leading national organization dedicated to improving the health and safety of all adults and children. Donations for this event support our Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund helpline.

To reserve a ticket, you may donate online here. Or, send a check payable to “NCHR,” to 1001 Connecticut Ave, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20036.Be sure to indicate it is for the Awards Luncheon.

For more info, contact Alex Pew at or (202)223-4000.

Stop Cancer Now Lap-a-thon: November 6, 2016

The second Stop Cancer Now Lap-a-Thon at Tuscarora High School is fast approaching! See photos from the first Lap-a-thon here.

In order to participate on Sunday, November 6, 2016, please register to participate by donating $20, or make a donation of any size.  Donations over $20 will be considered a contribution to the Cancer Hotline, which provide individualized assistance to anyone who calls or emails the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund!

Register here

If you would like to create or join a team, please write the name of the team in the comments section. (You can also participate without a team.) 

The teams with the most members and the team that raises the most money will win a prize at the Lap-a-Thon.

Thank you!

Track Team
Baseball Team
Baseball Team

Running and skin cancer prevention

By Danielle Pavliv

Exercise reduces your risk of cancer and many other diseases, but running outdoors can increase your risk of skin cancer if you don’t follow a few simple rules.

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise. It can be done anywhere, doesn’t require a gym or any special equipment (although some people prefer to use a treadmill)-just a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothing. Running outside — whether on a track, in the woods, or on a path by the river — can be a wonderful and restorative way to exercise. Nature and exercise are both great ways to improve your mood.

Running regularly can lower the risk of many health problems including heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and bone fracture, diabetes, and obesity.[end Warburton DE, Nicol CW, Bredin SS. Health benefits of physical activity: The evidence. Canadian Medical Journal. 2006; 174(6):801-809.] In addition, it can improve mental health and blood pressure.[end Paluska SA, Schwenk TL. Physical activity and mental health: Current concepts. Sports Medicine. 2000;29(3):167-180.] However, many people don’t take proper precautions when they decide to go running outside, and the results can be deadly.

Imagine this: it’s a nice day outside, so you decide to go for a jog, wearing running shorts and a t-shirt. You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about what to wear — you simply notice what the temperature is, put on something comfortable, and go. Sunscreen seems like a hassle, and you think you’ll probably sweat it off anyway. It’s not like you will be laying out at the pool or playing golf all day, so how much harm can a 30-minute run cause anyway?

While many of us try to protect our skin when spending time outside, data show that just over half of all American adults usually take at least one of these three precautions:  seeking shade, using sunscreen, or wearing sun-protective clothing.[end Sun-Protective Behavior Rates. Skin Cancer. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. August 2011. Available at:] People who don’t do any of these are at much higher risk for skin cancer.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. In the U.S., accounting for almost half of all cancers and affecting over 2 million people each year. One in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime.[end Robinson JK. Sun exposure, sun protection, and vitamin D. Journal of the American Medical Association. 2005;294(12):1541-1543.] There are three types of skin cancer: basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. Basal cell carcinomas are the most common type of skin cancer. They rarely spread to other areas of the body, and are very treatable. Squamous cell carcinomas, on the other hand, can spread to organs and other areas in the body and can be fatal if they are not caught early. The third type of skin cancer, melanomas, are the least common but most dangerous — they kill more than 8,600 Americans every year.[end Skin Cancer Statistics. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. April 2012. Available at:] If found early, however, melanomas can be treated. Melanomas are most often caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds. They usually resemble moles and are often black or brown. Most change over time, including an increase in size.[end National Cancer Institute. Signs and symptoms of melanoma. U.S. National Institutes of Health. January 11, 2011. Available at:] In recent years, incidence of melanoma has increased significantly, especially in those with fair skin. While melanoma is more prevalent in men than women, rates of diagnoses and death are increasing for both men and women.

Is exercising outside more risky than just relaxing outside?

In 2006, Dr. Christina Ambros-Rudolph and colleagues at the Medical University of Graz in Austria conducted a study to see if marathon runners are at higher risk of melanoma than people who don’t run as regularly.[end Ambros-Rudolph CM, Hofmann-Wellenhof R, Richtig E, Müller-Fürstner M, Soyer HP, Kerl H, Dermatol A. Malignant Melanoma in Marathon Runners. Archives of Dermatology. 2006;142(11):1471-1474.] They examined over 200 runners and found that they are at increased risk for skin cancer. In fact, runners who trained the most intensively had the highest rates of skin lesions. Almost all of the athletes wore shirts and shorts that did not totally cover their arms, back and legs, and only 56% wore sunscreen. Although there was a clear link between sun exposure and skin lesions, the researchers found another reason the athletes who had more intense workouts were more prone to skin cancer. Endurance exercise such as long-distance running suppresses immune function in the body, which is why extreme athletes are often more susceptible to infections than others. This can release a type of protein called cytokines, limiting the ability of the body’s immune system to fight off potential cancers. In addition, sweating a lot while outside is linked to skin cancer. The wetter your skin, the more UV rays are absorbed, which means that exercising on sunny days can be much more dangerous for your skin than just sitting or laying down in the sun.

How to stay safe outside

You don’t have to give up running outside — there are plenty of ways to protect yourself outside for exercise or any other activity. Try to do as many of these as possible each time you go out in order to lower your risk for melanoma or other types of skin cancer:

  • Use a generous amount of sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher, even on cloudy days — cloud cover only blocks out one type of UV rays. Reapply often, especially if you are sweating or in the water. Use a water-resistant sunscreen that will stay on when you swim or sweat.
  • Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when UV rays are the strongest. If you want to go for a run outside, try to do it early in the morning or right before sunset.
  • Put on some sunglasses with high UV absorption to protect your eyes, and a hat to protect your face.
  • Wear clothes made of tightly woven fabrics that you cannot see through. Try to avoid regularly exposing areas of your body such as your shoulders, neck and chest. To prevent overheating, wear light-colored clothing that reflects the sun’s rays.
  • Look for shade: try to do your stretches and other exercises in a shaded area.

Choosing a sunscreen

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone wears a water-resistant sunscreen of at least 30 SPF daily.[end American Academy of Dermatology Sunscreen Website. Stats and Facts. Prevention and Care. Sunscreens. 2012. Available at:] Further, they recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both types of UV rays (UVA and UVB). You can use the Environmental Working Group’s website to find out which sunscreen really work and don’t contain a lot of harmful and even cancer-causing ingredients. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) didn’t regulate sunscreen until June 2012. Prior to that date, there was no guarantee that the sunscreen you were slathering on your body actually protected you or did what the label claimed. Now, manufacturers are required to label their products accurately and are held to safety and effectiveness standards.[end FDA sheds light on sunscreens. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. June 2012. Available at:] When choosing a product, remember that a sunscreen with twice the SPF does not mean you can stay outside in the sun twice as long before you get a sunburn. The intensity of UV radiation matters just as much as how long you are in the sun, which is why it’s so important that you limit your exposure from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.[end Jou PC, Feldman RJ, Tomecki KJ. UV protection and sunscreens: What to tell patients. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. June 2012;79(6):427-436.]

Make sure to regularly check your body for any new moles or scaly patches. If they change size, form or color, visit a dermatologist. If you have skin cancer in your family, you will likely want to get your moles checked regularly.

Sun damage is permanent and irreversible, so it’s important to take good care of your skin throughout your life. Remember — a tan is a sign of skin damage. There’s no such thing as a “healthy” tan!

For more information about the most dangerous type of skin cancer, see

Walking with a hope of a cure for cancer

May 2015

On Saturday, April 25th, Sherina Garner walked her own 5K fundraiser in memory of her mother, Valerie Veney, who died from lung cancer. Fourteen people donated $453 to her cause, which Sherina then matched, raising a total of $906 for the National Center for Health Research and its main program, Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund. We would like to thank Sherina Garner for her hard work and dedication, and most importantly, for taking action to help children and adults reduce their risks of cancer.

Sherina writes about her mother, Valerie Renee Veney: “She was a loving, kind woman with a beautiful smile. She passed away from lung cancer at the young age of 59, leaving behind her two children (Sherina and Tycho, Jr.) and husband of 43 years who loved her so much that a year later, he passed away, too.”

“She was a phenomenal woman who worked hard every day and cared for her family, even when cancer was growing in her body. From her 23 years of work as a Youth Correction Officer in the Youth Service Administration of the District of Columbia Government, it was clear that she was dedicated to helping people, especially children. She raised her grandson and assisted numerous young people, both in her community and at work.”

“When she found out she was sick with lung cancer, it was already stage 4. It was a surprise to her family that she had end-stage lung cancer. She was strong even up until her death. She was able to communicate with her family what she wanted at the end of her battle, and the Lord took her home peacefully. Before passing, she said: Let people know those cigarettes are killing your lungs slowly. Lung cancer is an awful pain to have.”

She was a mother, wife, sister, cousin, friend that was gone too soon.”


A Beautiful Day for our First Annual Lap-a-Thon in Leesburg, VA on April 26!

Our first Stop Cancer Now Lap-a-Thon at Tuscarora H.S. on Sunday April 26th was a great success!

IMG_1708Lapthon action shot Lapthon closeup with Ben Lapathon 4 girls including Abbyphoto (12)



More than $5,000 was raised to support our Cancer Helpline by adults and children who participated on one of 4 teams or as individuals.


Track Team

Lap-a-Thon Baseball Team Pic

Baseball Team
Baseball Team

Winners included:

Most money raised by a team:

Baseball: $1592

Track: $1285

Team Bob: $1150

Most people registered by a team:

Track: 50

Baseball: 44

Team Bob: 24

Most laps by a team (approximate, due to technical difficulties!):

Track team: 404

Baseball team: 381

Top female lapper

Anna Wasko: 17 laps

Top male lapper

Greg Fenner: 20  laps

Best outfit representing the Colors of Cancer Awareness

Tammy Skov

Congratulations to our Cancer Color Awareness costume contest winner!


At the conclusion of the Lap-a-Thon, we read the names of all the friends and loved ones who we ran or walked in honor of or in memory of, and released the balloons skyward!IMG_1740IMG_1753

Special thanks to Michele Knuff (THS parent of Abby and Ben) for making this great Lap-a-Thon a reality!

Abby, Ben, and Michele Knuff


We are very grateful to Savannah’s of Leesburg, our wonderful Gold Level sponsor and to the Hershey’s Shake Shop, Potomac River Running StoreResQ BBQ Catering, Manhattan Pizza, Reston Shirt and Graphic Company, and  Mullen Orthodontics, our terrific Bronze Level sponsors!

——————————– April 26, 2015 Lap-A-Thon Teams ——————————–


Bob Knuff at the beach, 2012
Team Knuff at the Cancer Prevention and Treatment 5k in 2013
Team Knuff at the Cancer Prevention and Treatment 5k in 2013











Team Bob will participate in loving memory of Bob Knuff, amazing husband, dad, brother, uncle, friend, co-worker, coach and neighbor. . . Supporting Carcinoid Cancer Research and Awareness one day at a time. GET YOUR ZEBRA ON!!!

“Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why. It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time. It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life. 

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind. Hang it on a shelf of good health and good time. Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial. For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while. I hope you had the time of your life.”

Registered to participate on This Team:

Janet Czyrnik                       $25

Michele Knuff                       $25

James Stankard                  $100

Hannah Ambrose                $25

Lance Ambrose                  $25

Mariann Ambrose                $25

Olivia Ambrose                    $25

John Ambrose                    $25

Janice Weber                     $25

Carol Taylor                        $25

Landon Taylor                    $25

Darren Hemminger            $25

Marcy Hemminger             $25

Keely Hemminger              $25

Carrie Czyrnik                    $25

Jane Taylor                        $200

Noah Klemm                      $25

Maddie Evans                    $25

Brian Love                           $25

Jamie Savoie                      $25

Terri Azie                            $20

Erin Azie                             $25

Lauryn Azie                        $25

Mark Weber                        $25


David Massey                    $100

Megan Last                        $10

Christy Hoke                      $50

Anonymous                         $50

Janice Weber                      $75

Jack Corso                          $25

Thomas Payne                    $25

Leslie Payne                       $25


Tuscarora High School’s Coed Varsity Track and Field Team’s TEAM

The Tuscarora High School’s Coed Varsity Track and Field team proudly creates a Lap-a-Thon TEAM to Stop Cancer Now!

“A job worth doing is worth doing together”

Registered to participate on This Team:

Abby Knuff                  $25

Troy Harry                   $25

Sarah Howorth            $45

Deena Sbitany             $25

Kmaljeet Athwal           $25

Anna Wasko                $25

Judy Wasko                 $25

Jason Holder                $20

Jennifer Holder             $20

Fred Holder                   $20

Gillian King                   $25

Wendy King                 $25

Rachel Grizzle             $25

Allyson Shepherd        $50

Tracey Lam                  $25

Mason Ong                  $50

Helen Horne               $25

Molly Carroll                 $25

John Irvine                   $25

Mariam Kolbai              $25

Skylar Ambuhl             $25

Leyla Kolbai                 $25

Dawson Lazorchak      $25

M.E. Lazorchak            $25

Jamie Fuhrmann          $25

Pamela Michel             $25

Imelda Ogango           $25

Maya Ogango             $25

Darby Watts                $25

Nehemiah Robinson   $10

Kobe Robinson           $10

Libby Forcade             $25

Sophie Aros                 $25

Caitlyn Davis               $25

Brittany Hill                  $25

Roman Patrick             $25

Mackenzie Anzueto      $25

Val Bourke                   $50

Emma Weary              $25

Lisa Clippinger             $25

Ty Reeves                    $25

Ivan Boyarskiy              $10


Chiya Chambers          $10

Tuscarora High School’s Baseball Team’s TEAM


The Tuscarora High School Baseball team is proud to announce our Lap-a-Thon TEAM to Stop Cancer Now!

“One Lap Warriors”

Registered to participate on This Team:

Ben Knuff                 $25

Wes Glass               $25

Lowell Skoc             $25

Tammy                     $25

Joey Skov                $25

David Drummond      $25

Donny Morris            $25

Terri Desimone         $25

Garrett Zendek        $25

Chad Musa              $50

Mary Lou Blue          $25

Christina Corbin       $25

Danine Stickles         $25

Greg Glass               $25

Susan Glass             $25

Kathy Giuliano          $25

Nicholas Giuliano      $25

Laura Giuliano          $25

Ki Giuliano                $25

Devin Welsh              $50

Dominick Marinelli    $25

Mike Marinelli           $25

Christine Kim            $25

Yehudit Shemtov      $102

Brad Kost                 $25

Debbie Wagner        $25

Carson Wagner        $25

Parker Bednoski       $50

Mark Bauer              $25

Marla Giuliano          $50

Joseph Giuliano        $50

Terry Morris               $25

Larry Morris               $25

Noah Lacy                 $20

Jonathan Lacy           $20

Joann Townsend       $25

Ann Capitano             $25

Audrey Messina          $50

Joy Messina                $50

Ryan Ahern                $25

Steve Kim                   $25

Zach Daughtry            $50

Madeleine Gabriele     $50


Michael Hoehn         $200



IMG_0592 (1)
Ann Koch

Team Ann is in memory of Ann Koch, a very loving and fun Mother, Grandmother and friend. She passed away in October of 2014. She loved to garden, read on the beach, travel, and do just about anything outdoors, so our Lap-a-Thon Team will be thinking of her as we enjoy the outdoors on April 26th.

Registered to participate on This Team:

Judy Keiper            $25

Brandon Keiper      $25

Tom Koch             $100

Elizabeth Gilmore  $100

cancer hands long banner (2)

You don’t need to be on a team to participate! Thanks to our other Stop Cancer Now Lap-a-Thon participants and Donors as well!


Chris McCabe Thomas McNamara        $150

Miles Spence                                               $10


We are running...

In honor of:

In memory of:

David Mitchell Peter DeMann
Maria Aros Bob Knuff
Deborah Arciuolo MaryAnn Miller
Stasy Baltauskas Ted Miller
Theresa Peluso Clarence Knuff
Pat Kennedy Ann Koch
Suzanne Graft Mai Nguyen
Suzanne Ong Bill Grizzle
Kathy Giuliano David Albert
Kathy Hayes Gloria Bell
Nam Cho Jennie Lee Glass
Barbara Bunch Sally Briggs
John Begley Gavin Rupp
Debra Weary Jim Casper
Lillie Mae Reeves John Didier
Marcia Hemminger Andy Thomas
  Lynn McNamara
  Ram Sharma
  Iris June Wray
  Betty Harlow

Please be sure to thank our Generous Sponsors!

Gold Level Sponsor


Bronze Level Sponsors

logo and blue tag

Hershey’s Shake Shop
700 Fieldstone Dr. #114
Leesburg, VA 20176





ResQ BBQ Catering, Leesburg, VA
Mullen Ortho Logo image1509 Dodona Terrace SE, Suite 201
Leesburg, VA 20175



reston t-shirt

341 Victory Drive
Herndon, VA 20170


Manhattan Pizza logoMarketplace at Potomac Station
647 Potomac Station Dr
Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 669-4020

2013 Stop Cancer Now 5K Run/Walk and 1-Mile Fun Run on Sunday, September 22 at 10 a.m.

Early Packet Pick-up is Saturday September 21: Get your T-shirts and Bibs ahead of time and receive a 20% coupon off all REI products – @ Georgetown Running Company, Saturday 9/21, 12pm-4pm
Georgetown Running Company Address: 3401 M St. NW
Washington, DC 20007 (in Georgetown)

Race Registration/Start/Finish: At the corner of Potomac St. NW and Grace St. NW in Georgetown, Washington, DC on the Potomac River side of the Canal. Start/Finish is on the C&O Canal Trail near the end of 33rd St. NW access road.

Potomac St NW & Grace St NW
Washington, D.C., DC 20007

Note: If you are using GPS, closest street address is: 1000 Potomac Street NW, Washington, DC 20007. (This will get you to the access street where registration is, but park before turning onto Potomac Street):

Check-in and Same Day Registration/Packet Pick-up: On the brick area at Potomac St. NW & Grace St. NW (access off of K St. NW if driving OR can access via foot bridge from M St. NW directly behind Dean and Deluca). Race day check-in is from 8:45 a.m.-9:45 a.m. Bag check will be next to the check-in/registration tables. IMPORTANT: Arrive early for good parking! (Parking is free!)

Pre-Race Warm Up: At 9:30 a.m. led by Fitness Together (near the check-in area). Look for Fitness Together sign, and warm up will be announced 5 minutes before.

Race Day Food and Fun: The North Face will be providing their Demo Shoe program during the race along with free reusable water bottles. Try on a pair of their running shoes, run or walk the 5K, then return! There will be North Face representatives there to help with sizing or questions about purchasing.

Food and coffee provided by Starbucks, Harris Teeter, and Trader Joe’s

Stroller Policy: Strollers allowed on race day!

For Everyone’s Safety: Competitive runners please make your way to the start line at 9:45 a.m. Anyone with strollers or children, please line up behind.

Pace: This is a flat and fast course. Although there will be plenty of space along the canal (with some narrow spots along the course), please be mindful of your fellow runners and walkers and stay to the right side of the trail.

Age Divisions: 14 and under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+

Prizes: The top female and male runners in each age category will receive a prize. All children 13 and under registered for the race will receive a blue ribbon.

Metro details (Orange and Blue lines): Rosslyn Metro opens at 7a.m. It is a 15 minute walk from the Rosslyn Metro across the Key Bridge into Georgetown to get to the start of the race.

Bus Details: DC Circulator, Metrobus lines: 31, 32, 36, 38B, D1, D2, D3, D5, D6, G2. Circulator opens at 7 a.m.
Visit Trip Planner on to find the fastest and easiest route.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund 5k Run/Walk: Race Results

Bluemont Park, Arlington, Virginia

Sunday, October 3, 2010

##  Name                        G Age City State           Time     M  F     Award

1 Ted Poulos                   M  48 McLean VA            18:33    1         M 1

2  Mark Walchinsky              M  31 Alexandria VA        18:57    2      M25-34 1

3  Jack Kammerer                M  48 Washington DC        19:06    3     M45&over 1

4  Bill Stahr                   M  49 The Plains VA        20:02    4     M45&over 2

5  Jim Casey                    M  45 Arlington VA         20:09    5     M45&over 3

6  Nicholas Anthony Girardi     M  23 Lynbrook NY          21:24    6      M13-24 1

7  Richard R. Cappetto          M  23 Falls Church VA      21:31    7      M13-24 2

8  Steve Duboi                  M  40 Washington DC        21:33    8      M35-44 1

9  Timothy Paul Gerhart         M  25 Arlington VA         22:09    9      M25-34 2

10 Margaret Aker                F  22 Washington DC        22:23       1      F 1

11 Karen Young                  F  42 Boyds MD             22:28       2   F35-44 1

12 Kyle James Schoembs          M  26 Vienna VA            22:58   10      M25-34 3

13 Brian Joseph Femiano         M  28 Centreville VA       23:36   11

14 Judy Abid                    F  30 Alexandria VA        23:43       3   F25-34 1

15 Jeffrey Rini                 M  31 Arlington VA         24:34   12

16 Robert S. Weiner             M  63 Accokeek MD          24:39   13

17 David Drane                  M  35 Alexandria VA        25:04   14      M35-44 2

18 Donald Plant                 M  49 Woodbridge VA        25:18   15

19 Addison Cochrane             F  21 Chicago IL           25:47       4   F13-24 1

20 Alex Crabill                 M  22 Los Angeles CA       25:49   16      M13-24 3

21 Benjamin Stevens             M  24 Herndon VA           25:54   17

22 Tracy Tartaglione            F  35 Leesburg VA          26:34       5   F35-44 2

23 Amy Gray                     F  25 Virginia Beach VA    26:44       6   F25-34 2

24 Sam Desai                    M  32 Arlington VA         26:57   18

25 Matt Weibel                  M  22 Arlington VA         27:05   19

26 Sean Boyd                    M  26 Fairfax VA           27:30   20

27 Maggie Young                 F  27 Herndon VA           27:35       7   F25-34 3

28 Alan Young                   M  33 Herndon VA           27:36   21

29 Carrie Pellegrino            F  34 Sterling VA          27:50       8

30 Michael Allen Coyle          M  38 Arlington VA         28:07   22      M35-44 3

31 Catherine Ann Harner         F  27 Alexandria VA        28:31       9

32 Helen Carroll                F  10 Arlington VA         28:34      10  F12&under 1

33 Jonathan Carroll             M  40 Arlington VA         28:36   23

34 Melissa Pettersen            F  25 Arlington VA         28:51      11

35 Dorothy Sheehan              F  32 Stafford VA          28:53      12

36 Chris Sheehan                M  35 Stafford VA          28:56   24

37 Alicia Colgan                F  39 Stafford VA          28:57      13   F35-44 3

38 Carrie Heath                 F  28 Alexandria VA        29:16      14

39 Liz Guertin                  F  36 Washington DC        29:34      15

40 Rebecca A. Newman            F  33 Washington DC        29:36      16

41 Chris DiVenere               M  39 Chantilly VA         29:40   25

42 Danielle E. Mantz            F  21 College Park MD      30:17      17   F13-24 2

43 Tracy Rimdzius               F  37 Arlington VA         30:28      18

44 Pinsuda Alexander            F  33 Washington DC        30:39      19

45 Stephanie Schoembs           F  24 Vienna VA            30:41      20   F13-24 3

46 Christopher McCaskill        M  44 Alexandria VA        30:50   26

47 Gary Kalman                  M  47 Washington DC        31:02   27

48 Jane Hartman                 F  42 Washington DC        31:05      21

49 Nick Panteleos               M  36 Arlington VA         31:15   28

50 Sarah Jane Niazi             F  23 Annapolis MD         31:24      22

51 Colleen Quinn                F  23 Arlington VA         31:31      23

52 Rebecca Niazi                F  20 Annapolis MD         31:35      24

53 Jessica Johnson              F  33 Alexandria VA        31:50      25

54 David Plant                  M  26 Arlington VA         31:58   29

55 Melissa Kane                 F  12 Dale City VA         32:18      26  F12&under 2

56 Jordan Casey                 F  12 Fredericksburg VA    32:20      27  F12&under 3

57 Kela Casey                   F  36 Fredericksburg VA    32:23      28

58 Taylor Casey                 F  10 Fredericksburg VA    32:39      29

59 Richard Rodriguez            M  18 Arlington VA         32:41   30

60 Jane Wachtmeister            F  25 Washington DC        33:09      30

61 Leslie Klein                 F  29 Arlington VA         33:13      31

62 Linda Brennan                F  41 Vienna VA            33:16      32

63 Lisa Sepassi Weiser          F  33 Herndon VA           33:18      33

64 Michelle Lynn Harrison       F  36 Jeffersonton VA      34:32      34

65 Kari Welch                   F  32 Arlington VA         34:34      35

66 Allyn Brooks-LaSure          M  32 Arlington VA         36:08   31

67 Kelly Griffiths              F  33 Silver Spring MD     36:10      36

68 Jo-Ellen Truelove O'Dell     F  41 Catonsville MD       36:14      37

69 Athena Henderson             F  38 Warrenton VA         36:35      38

70 Tim Ramsey                   M  51 Alexandria VA        36:45   32

71 Megan K. Roberson            F  23 Arlington VA         36:54      39

72 Diane H. Plant               F  52 Woodbridge VA        36:55      40  F45&over 1

73 Laura Mancini                F  25 Mechanicsville MD    37:25      41

74 Colleen McCarthy             F  25 Gaithersburg MD      37:26      42

75 Anne Sidney                  F  40 Falls Church VA      37:38      43

76 Bobby Sidney                 M  40 Falls Church VA      37:39   33

77 Amanda P. Smith              F  30 Dumfries VA          38:34      44

78 Trigie Ealey                 F  40 Arlington VA         38:43      45

79 Jeffrey Smith                M  30 Dumfries VA          38:44   34

80 Maria Panteleos              F  35 Arlington VA         38:45      46

81 Robert Mostow M 57 Washington DC 38:49 35

82 Cynthia Chapman              F  39 Occoquan VA          39:26      47

83 Toula Christou               F  37 Arlington VA         40:01      48

84 Sallie Dewar                 F  36 Arlington VA         44:57      49

85 Shawn Casey                  M  7  Fredericksburg VA    46:05   36     M12&under 1

86 Denise Kane                  F  41 Dale City VA         46:06      50

87 Douglas Johnson              M  64 Dale City VA         47:09   37

88 Tyler Thompson               M  25 Washington DC        50:45   38

89 Kellie K. Powell             F  38 Springfield VA       51:37      51

90 Joel O. Powell               M  40 Springfield VA       51:38   39

91 Joanne Soliman               F  26 Alexandria VA        52:31      52

92 Tanya Dorsey                 F  39 Odenton MD           56:52      53

93 Shirley O. Davis             F  31 Alexandria VA        56:59      54

94 Justin Covert                M  30 Arlington VA        1:06:36  40

95 Vic Cora                     M  40 Arlington VA        1:07:25  41

96 Rosemary Cora                F  40 Arlington VA        1:07:27     55